The Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection arrives in stores this week!

The Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection arrives in stores this week!

ININ Games are bringing the classic digger game Boulder Dash back in style on the Switch this week, with a boxed physical copy of Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection arriving in stores on the 18th! Embark on an adventure through dangerous caves by digging through the sand and manipulating the environment to your advantage. Avoid falling boulders and use them strategically against different devious enemies. Collect valuable gems and hunt for high scores to advance to even more difficult stages. With this collection, players get the ultimate Boulder Dash experience, including several beautiful game worlds with numerous levels to master. Combining Boulder Dash Deluxe and Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary fans get:

  • More than 400 newly designed levels across two games
  • 20 levels from the original 1984 version
  • Many unlockable characters, upgrades and character customizations
  • 30+ new levels by video game legend Peter Liepa, the developer of the first Boulder Dash versions
  • Several different worlds with unique textures, animations and creatures
  • Diagonal walls and movement

The Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection will be available physically from select retailers this Friday. Both games included in the bundle, Boulder Dash Deluxe and Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary are also available as separate releases through the Nintendo eShop.

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