The Council – Third episode: Ripples releasing soon!

The Council – Third episode: Ripples releasing soon!

The Council already has two exciting episodes and now the third episode’s release date has been announced! The Council is a narrative adventure game with RPG mechanics where your choices matter.

In episode 3: Ripples, the game will continue with the story of Louis de Richet. Hidden plots will be revealed and characters will reach critical positions. Louis will have to use his influence after a terrifying truth comes to light. What will his future bring and who will he trust to side with, you will find out more in the third episode.

The Council has already been enthusiastically received by gamers and press alike. Each choice the player has to make has consequences. Intricate characters and innovative writing are featured in this narrative adventure.

The Council Episode 3: Ripples releases the 26th of July on PS4, Xbox One and, PC. Owners of the complete Season or the Season Pass can already play the third episode on the 24th of July.

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