The Crew 2 Season 2 Episode 2: The Game now available for free

The Crew 2 Season 2 Episode 2: The Game now available for free

Today, Ubisoft has announced that the second episode of the second season of The Crew 2 is now available for free for all players. This update introduces a new version of the game mode Stunt, a new Motorpass, new vehicles and more.

In this new episode after joining the secret agents of the Agency, you take Part in the most insane competition produced by Motorflix. This new episode will let you experiment  with the new version of Stunt, the new game mode where players need to reach a certain place with the highest amount of score gathered by performing stunts. The new Motorpass will let you acquire new rewards by clearing daily and seasonal challenges. As always, the Motorpass will both have free and premium rewards.

Aside of the Motorpass, This new episode will also continue giving out free monthly vehicles like the Shelby GT500 Americar Edition and the Chevrolet Grand Sport Armored Edition.

You can watch the launch trailer for the Crew 2: The Game below this post.

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