The Crew releases new car pack.

The Crew releases new car pack.

Starting today, The Crew Raid Car Pack and the Raid Live Update are available. This is the last of 4 car packs and consists of three new cars, new stickers and a set of exclusive and decorative car-parts. Last but not least, the game gets a live content upgrade.

When they add new cars, they know how to do the job. The new set includes ae 2012 Cadillac Escalade, a 2011 Volkswagen Touareg NF off-road monster en the famous McLaren F1 supercar.

This Raid Live Update, all players get free access to four brand new missions. In Treasure Hunt, Jurassic Raid, Let It Snow and Black Hills you will be able to test your new cars in the craziest ways possible. Do not forget the new tuning parts for some of your favourite sports cars who you can now equip with fancy chrome and brand-new interiors.

The Crew was chosen best racing game on E3 2014, and takes players across the US. Inhabited by real players, racers can do as they please on any terrain possible.

Check out the trailer.

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