The Crow’s Eye teaser released

The Crow’s Eye teaser released

3D2 Entertainment, an independent studio from Barcelona teased us today with a short trailer for their latest title The Crow’s Eye. The story of The Crow’s Eye is influenced by folklore horror stories and modern games storytelling such as Bioshock, Silent Hill and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The overall plot in the game is intended to appear adult and its story should be one of the game’s strengths. With various mechanics such as stealth, investigation, puzzles and many more, the game isn’t just any horror game.

The teaser puts you in a dark-lit room, listening to a recorder where you can hear a scared man talking about something that has happened. However, it is not the teaser that gives you information about the storyline. The letter that came with it did. In the letter, that is dated April 2th 1947, you can clearly read that strange events are happening at the University of Crowswood. Here’s what the letter exactly said.

the crows eye letter

The letter, combined with the teaser trailer, has certainly left us wondering but 3D2 Entertainment promises to release more remarkable information soon.

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