The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – Release date revealed!

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – Release date revealed!

The release date for the first part in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Man Of Medan, has been revealed!

Man of Medan is from now on also available as pre-order in participating stores. Players that pre-order will get exclusive day one access to the Curator’s Cut which will show the story from a different perspective.

“What makes the Curator’s Cut more unique then the traditional Directors’ Cut is that it offers the player new ways to influence the story and the end results directly. Players see events and relationships from the perspective from characters that weren’t available before and they can now change these events and relationships”. Says Pete Samuels, Executive Producer, The Dark Pictures Anthology, Supermassive Games. “it adds a completely new layer to how the player understands the story and handles it, in a way that has never shown before, and we are pleased that players are able to experience this.”

The Curator’s cut will give players the option to get new choices and decisions which will alter the story in different ways. Players will also be able to see new scenes and discover secrets that weren’t available in the original playthrough.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan will be available the 30tth of August 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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