The demo of Station to Station releases today on Steam

The demo of Station to Station releases today on Steam

All aboard the fun train as PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove have just announced that the demo for their relaxing minimalist railroad sim Station to Station is available on Steam.

Enjoy the first three levels to catch a glimpse of what will be available in the full game. Don your conductor hat and transform a small rural environment with the magic of trains. Place and connect various railway stations to allow your world to grow and expand. Relax in an ever-widening tapestry of fauna and flora while enjoying the chill vibes that a voxel-art biome brings out.

Key features of the demo include:

  • Immersive Dose of Relaxation: Players will have the opportunity to unwind and destress in a cozy & calming voxel-art environment, designed to soothe the senses with its soft aesthetics and relaxing, adaptive soundtrack.
  • Three levels: The demo version offers an exciting preview of the first three levels of gameplay.
  • Single Biome Experience: Players will have the chance to explore one of three unique biomes in the demo.
  • Selection of Locomotives: The demo showcases two unique locomotives, with the complete game set to feature more models.
  • Introduction to Cards: The demo serves as a brief introduction to the game’s card system that gives players advantages and options when expanding their rail network.
  • Optional Challenges: The second and third levels both feature two optional objectives for those conductors seeking additional challenges.
  • Variety of Industries: The demo provides a glimpse into five unique industry types, each offering its own unique buildings and resources.

Station to Station is planned to fully release later this year on PC through Steam.

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