The Devil Awaits VR – First update out now!

The Devil Awaits VR – First update out now!

Horror fans rejoice! The Devil Awaits VR is getting its first update today. This frightening virtual reality game has been developed by indie studio Bloomix Studios and is exclusively available for Samsung Gear VR.

Most of The Devil Awaits VR plays out in an abandoned cabin where Rick H. Johanson, a wanted thief, is hiding out. He robbed a bank and is now hiding in the cabin from the police. The cabin isn’t as safe a hiding spot as he might think because he soon finds himself fighting against evil creatures and solving copious amounts of puzzles to get back home.

“Since the birth of VR, we’ve been wanting to feel real fear and despair in a virtual reality experience, and now we have made it happen,” says Sergio Gardella, CEO at Bloompix Studios. “Samsung Gear VR is the optimal home for The Devil Awaits VR, and I am certain that after playing it, a sense of disheartenment won’t vanish from your nightmares”.

The Devil Awaits VR update has improved the visuals and optimized the game to make it even more intuitive. There were also extra dialogues added and the controls have been slightly adjusted. The Devil Awaits VR has been out since December and is available exclusively on Samsung Gear VR.

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