The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enchanced-edition Now Live!


*Nerevar Rising playing in the background*

Champions of Tamriel, assemble!

Developer Bethesda is releasing a console Enhanced-edition of their popular title The Elder Scrolls Online this upcoming weekend for the next-generation Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5. If you own or purchase The Elder Scrolls Online for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One, or PS4, you’ll receive free access to the ESO: Console Enhanced Edition on next-gen. Xbox Game Pass members also enjoy the benefits of the Console Enhanced Edition when playing on Xbox Series X|S. For a side by side comparison please check the video below.

The release of The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced Edition marks a milestone where the second generation of consoles will receive a true Elder Scrolls Online experience. Here’s a taste of the upgrades players can look forward to:

  • Next-gen performance: Thanks to the next-gen power of Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, the game now runs at a smooth 60FPS in ‘Performance Mode’. If you’re looking for a visual spectacle, Xbox Series X and PS5 players can enjoy native 4K at 30FPS in ‘Fidelity Mode’ and Xbox Series S players can enjoy it at 1440p at 30FPS.
    Increased draw distance: For players who appreciate the expansive beauty of ESO, the game’s draw distance has nearly doubled, giving you an even deeper look into the ever-expanding world of Tamriel.
  • Improved loading times: The upgrade to next-gen power means loading times on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 have been nearly halved, allowing console players to spend more time in the fantastic world of ESO and wait less.
  • Improved textures and anti-aliasing: Shadows throughout the world of Tamriel are now sharper, making everything look more lifelike, and major improvements to anti-aliasing make things like foliage and buildings look smoother.
  • For the comprehensive list of features coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, visit the ESO website for more information.


While enjoying the Console Enhanced Edition, players can continue to delve into Gates of Oblivion’s year-long storyline. The Blackwood chapter is now available on all platforms and players must uncover the Daedric conspiracies and tyrannical intrigues tearing the land apart. Find out what these have to do with the Prince of Destruction and his gruesome plans for Tamriel. While Blackwood’s story stands on its own, it does continue the overarching Gates of Oblivion story that will conclude later in 2021.

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