The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Thieves Guild DLC – Review
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Developer: ZeniMax Online Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Thieves Guild DLC – Review

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Good: Expansive questline, thievery and stealth based, new areas
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After Imperial City and Orsinium, Thieves Guild is the third DLC content pack for the well-appraised MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, available for Xbox One and PS4 consoles. While Imperial City was altered for PvP players, Orsinium did a splendid job adding content for both PvP and PvE players. Thieves Guild adds slightly more PvE-sided content but feels like a minor update compared to the previous two additions.

the elder scrolls online tamriel unlimited thieves guild

After already having two game packs, each devoted to a specific set of players, the third DLC game pack feels less focused on a specific type of gamer. Instead, it focuses on staying true to its original game where stealth and infiltration was key to succession. Named after the organized group of professional thieves as well as a joinable faction in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Thieves Guild DLC offers new story content where the player must protect the Thieves Guild in Abahr’s Landing. Going back to its roots in the original game, the Thieves Guild are masters in stealth and infiltration of enemy base camps, meaning there are tons of assignments that require the player to sneak around the storage rooms and houses in the region.

Your journey as a thief begins with a thief named Quen who requires a partner for a few stealthy missions. As you start these, the ball starts rolling and you’ll find yourself exploring the new region of New’s Bane on the southern end of Hammerfell. While you can certainly start the quest line on a low level character, the advised level to begin the recruitment in the Thieves Guild seems to be level 46 as the new narrative can grant powerful weapons that you will want to wield at around that level.

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Unlike the other DLC’s, this one isn’t strictly combat-based. In fact, the Thieves Guild storyline features the whole thievery theme like no other and the quests can become a slight bore after a while, especially given the fact that you can dive into barrels to stay out of combat once you’ve been discovered by guards. Aside from the general quest line, the daily Heists quests bring in some much-needed mixture into the game. As you progress through the DLC, you’ll be given access to “instances” where you will need to steal specific items under the pre-set time. The new skill lines will certainly come in handy and you can now profit from your criminal activities by selling stolen goods to a merchant in the Thieves Guild.

The more you venture, the more items you’ll acquire that will show your dedication in the form of motifs. These are superb and if you can gather all the pieces, you’ll look absolutely fabulous no matter the set.


Aside from the expansive storyline, Thieves Guild also offers a break from questing in the form of a 12-player trial. Available in both normal and veteran difficulty modes, the Maw of Lorkhaj tests your allies as well as your very own courage by putting new ruthless enemies and bosses available for your destruction. That is, if you can because the armies of Namiira are incredibly fierce and relentless.

Visually the new DLC doesn’t add anything more nor does it add anything less. New’s Bane is simply stunning yet again and walking around the new areas feels terrific, especially when you are sneaking your way in and around places you’d never think you’re able to reach.


Once again, the new content adds a sturdy and expansive narrative while also bringing an important feature to the game, namely the stealth-based missions that were common for the Thieves Guild. The DLC pack is once again accessible for all types of players, ranging from veteran to casual players. However, the thievery side of the DLC can become a bore due to lacking combat but with three DLC’s available, you’ll most certainly find one that fits your own playstyle.

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