The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter DLC – Review
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Developer: ZeniMax Online Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
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The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter DLC – Review

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We’ve had our fair share of run-ins with the Elder Scroll series, and more specifically the Online game. In the past we have taken a look at different expansions, new updates and other content portions of the game. This time we’re bombarded to yet another DLC for the game, which shows that the game is still very much alive and relevant in an age were most MMOs tend to die down after a few months. Compared to World of Warcraft, ESO is still not bringing in the homeruns, but it seems that the community is more alive than ever, and that the developers are still trying to make this a worthy competitor for Blizzard’s title.


In this DLC there will be two new dungeons available with each their own little addition to the rich storyline of the game. The first dungeon is called Moon Hunter Keep and the story goes as follows:

“An ancient werewolf of incredible power named Vykosa has captured Moon Hunter Keep and destroyed the Order of the Silver Dawn’s garrison. Now, Vykosa draws more and more of Tamriel’s were-beasts to her cause, and she has begun to amass a monstrous army.

You and your team must enter the once-proud headquarters of the Order, battle your way through hordes of were-beasts and other monsters, make your way to the heart of the keep, and confront Vykosa herself before she threatens all of Tamriel”

The second dungeon is called March of Sacrifices. In this part of the DLC the story goes as follows:

“In March of Sacrifices, you and your team must escape Hircine’s Hunting Grounds, a place of perpetual conflict between predator and prey, by participating in his dangerous game. Your target: A powerful Indrik. Your rewards: A boon from the Daedric Prince himself!

However, you are not the only hunters competing to win Hircine’s favor, and you’ll quickly discover that many have been invited to participate. Be warned: As you stalk and fight your way through this extraordinary Daedric realm, you might find that you yourselves are the ones hunted!”

The storyline in this DLC is rather short and is told at a steady pace. Besides, it adds a nice addition to the werewolf lovers. If you ever wanted to try out a werewolf, this might be the best time to check it out!


As a nice little addition to the game, the Wolfhunter DLC doesn’t stray from the graphics the developers use in the main game. They still blow us away with their gorgeous graphics for a massive multiplayer online RPG. Visually the mood of the dungeons is adapted to the main theme of this DLC, namely wolves.


Just like the graphics, sound doesn’t stray from the original game. If you want to read the full review of Summerset Isle, click the link and you will find our thoughts about this DLC. The developers, of course, added a new range of werewolf noises in this DLC, which made us even more hyped about it. Nonetheless, they didn’t disappoint.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter DLC is like every other part, expansions and DLCs, an MMORPG. This may be a much smaller addition to the game but that doesn’t take away any of its qualities. You progress through the zone and the two new dungeons to uncover their secrets and story. Slowly revealing even more from the world you currently reside in.

In this DLC it will be a bit more useful if you want to be a werewolf, which is available from getting a werewolf bite, because of the werewolf revamp. In the main game, this does, like with vampires, more bad than good. So apart from the amazing look you can acquire it will mostly be a burden, keep that in mind before trying to get bitten by one.

Combat and crafting are the same as in the main game. This update has also brought us, even if you don’t bought the DLC, a few new additions. It adds new collectables, crown crates, cosmetics and even a new PVP battleground: Istirus Outpost.


As always, you can buy the game with in-game crowns, making it easier for you to try out this expansion, or more accurately put, small DLC. Compared to the other bigger DLC updates, this one doesn’t provide that much extra content, but what’s there is actually quite spiffy, as it for once allows the fans of a Werewolf to have some extra fun, rather than being burdened by the curse. Overall this DLC is certainly worth giving a try if you’re looking to complete a few extra dungeons in your ESO adventure.


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The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter DLC - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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