The End of the Sun – Now on Kickstarter!

The End of the Sun – Now on Kickstarter!

Good news for gamers who love story-based adventure games! The first-person exploration and adventure game; The End of the Sun has gone live on Kickstarter.

The game is set in the world of Slavic fantasy and takes inspiration from Slavic mythology and legends. A series of mysterious events happened in a small village where the line between myth and reality grew thin. You’ll see ordinary people having to deal with their myths and beliefs becoming a reality. The game also features time travel mechanics, with a plot revolving around chasing a mysterious fugitive.  You will be able to experience 4 major Slavic festival occurrences that happened spread out in many years.

The End of the Sun also features unique graphics, including objects scanned from ethnographic museums through photogrammetry. It also features a dynamic world, with changing weather and lighting based on the real climatic areas. The entire world of the game can be freely explored by the player thanks to a non-linear story, allowing them to discover all the stories at their own pace.

The End of the Sun is planned to release for PC, Mac, and Linux with the possibility of consoles depending on the campaign’s success. The Kickstarter campaign can be found here.

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