The Endless Mission will soon release

The Endless Mission will soon release

E-Line Media’s sandbox-style creation game, The Endless Mission, is almost ready for release as it will release on the 14th of November. The Endless Mission is a community-driven game where users can play, hack and create within a world that exists behind the scenes of their favorite video game genres. The true power of this game will lie in its Editor which allows users to create their own content and share it with the community.

The Early Access version will feature an epic story that takes players behind the scenes of many favorited game genres. With the integrated Editor, you’ll be able to create RTS and platformer games with many assets that already are available for players to use in their games. In the Hall of Celebration, curated UGC from the community and streamers will be featured to see what they’ve created. The game will have regular content updates including new genres to play and create and a multiplayer feature that is now in development.

A trailer has been released for the Early Access launch. You can check it out below.

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