The Enemy Within is about more than just aliens

The Enemy Within is about more than just aliens

Firaxis has an unmitigated success on their hands with their XCOM reboot and they aren’t afraid to throw new challenges at players in their upcoming expansion Enemy Within. Now not only must you save the world from the alien menace baring down on our planet but you have to save it from itself as well. The latest trailer shows off a terrorist group that calls itself Exalt and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to accomplish their goal. You’ll have to tangle with this human element quickly and precisely if you don’t you might just find out that an unknowable threat is better than one you do know.

Exalt is willing to go to any lengths to secure humanities superiority, even if they make themselves something more than human to do so. You’ll have to infiltrate Exalt if you want to take them down, and you’ll want to pinpoint their base of operations quickly. If you take too long you’ll find exalt halting your research progress, stealing your funds and attacking you within the one place you feel safest your base of operations. Exalt isn’t shy about their willingness to use the alien technology to their advantage, you’ll find that they’re even more willing than you are as they have two exclusive gene mods at their disposal. They have everything that you have including all your abilities and a lot of your weapons, they’ve even come equipped with a few new ones like poison and ghost grenades. The poison grenade is based off of the thin man’s acid attack creating a cloud that poisons all within, while the ghost grenade grants stealth to everyone in its radius.

Though you should put this little problem to bed quickly you’ll need to be careful when trying to find their base of operations. After every Exalt mission you’ll get clues and hints as to where they are located and you’ll have to accuse a country of housing the terrorists, choose poorly and the accused will pull their country and funding of the xcom program immediately.

How you wage the war against the alien threat and the threat within, is up to you commander.

You’ll be able to take charge of XCOM once again when the Enemy Within expansion hits shelves and Steam on November 15th for the 360, PS3, and PC.

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