The Escapists 2 Nintendo Switch DLC Incoming

The Escapists 2 Nintendo Switch DLC Incoming

Prison escape game The Escapists 2 will soon be releasing some new DLC packs for the Nintendo Switch. All three coming packs are themed to a specific setting, with a circus, castle, and an abandoned hospital being the settings. Each pack will be coming to the Switch store for just £2.79 / $3.99 / 3,99 € per pack.

Big Top Breakout

Waking up, you find yourself part of a travelling circus as a clown. The ringmaster warden and strongmen guards rule with an iron fist. Can you perform a vanishing act for good?

Dungeons and Duct Tape

Keeping his armies locked for hundreds of years, this repurposed castle now keeps the serial escapists locked in its towers. Avoid the heavily armored guards like plague rats, and look out for inmates trying to go medieval on you!

Wicked Ward

Undead armies, a mad scientist, and a terror-tory of old gothic halls. Heavy rains and loud thunders, and ominous woods surrounding this abandoned hospital. can you thwart the schemes going on and escape the locked off wings and spooks in this supernatural slammer?

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