The Eternal Conflict – Heroes of the Storm trailer‏

The Eternal Conflict – Heroes of the Storm trailer‏

A trailer has been released for Heroes of the Storm. The trailer shows all the epic new content that is coming to Heroes of the Storm in the coming weeks.

An explanation of Leoric’s abilities has also been released:

  •  Single Summary Sentence

A heavy warrior who lives on after death, haunting the battleground with his Ghost.

  • [Trait] Undying

Upon dying, become a ghost, who can slow nearby enemies. When it is time, you will resurrect at the position of your ghost.

  • [Q] Skeletal Swing

Deal heavy damage in a big arc and slow enemies, dealing double damage to enemy minions.

  • [W] Drain Hope

Grab the soul of an enemy Hero, damaging the Hero over time while healing Leoric

  • [E] Wraith Walk

Separate from his Body and move around as an invulnerable ghost. Upon reactivating or it finishing, the body snaps forward to the ghost.

  • [R1] Entomb

Raise a tomb around the target area, blocking movement of units through its wall.

  • [R2] March of the Black King

March in a line, swinging wildly. Damages enemy Heroes and heals Leoric for every enemy Hero he hits.

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I lift heavy stuff up and put it back down

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