The Evil Within: The Executioner Gameplay Trailer

The Evil Within: The Executioner Gameplay Trailer

Today the new gameplay trailer for The Executioner has been revealed. The Executioner is the third and final add-on for The Evil Within and will be available on Tuesday the 26th of May.

The Executioner places you in a series of battle arenas from the perspective of The Keeper. Armed with a hammer, which characterizes him, you will have to take on a series of different enemies from The Evil Within to earn new weapons and upgrades. In The Executioner you’ll have to solve your problems by using melee combat and you’ll discover the story of a man who is forced to become The Keeper.

The Executioner is the last and final part that will complete the Season Pass of The Evil Within. The Season Pass will set you back € 19,99/$ 19,99 and contains all 3 add-ons, including the first 2 DLC’s: The Evil Within: The Assignment and The Evil Within: The Consequence. The Season Pass for The Evil Within is available for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and PC. The Executioner is also separately available for € 4,99/$ 4,99.

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