The Falconeer: The Hunter DLC Out Now!

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If you thought aerial battles were fun, how about ones that involve dragons? Today marks the day of the first DLC release by Wired Productions and developer Tomas Sala for their game, The Falconeer, called ‘The Hunter’. The game is an open-world indie air combat game with brutal aerial dogfights with marvelous acrobatics in a fast-paced environment. The game also provides players with the possibility to explore the world in the air, among the waves, and even into the dark depths of the oceans.

The content is not limited to the DLC, meaning that players that do not own the DLC still can get their hands on a new class called the Mongres Hunter, with the ability to fly ceremonial Ormir’s, a swift drake with massive firepower. Flying on the back of drakes was one of the most requested features from the community and the developer surely did not fail to deliver.

Wait, there is more!  Additionally, ‘Pyro Pots’ have now become available in-game immediately, with upgrades available from one of the many stores throughout the settlements of The Great Ursee. These homing weapons can be acquired throughout the campaign and will have a dramatic effect on the storyline, letting players choose how to tackle combat encounters in a more versatile way.

Hold on, it’s not over yet! In addition to the new free and paid content, ‘The Hunter’ brings also diverse quality improvements such as:

  • Multiple map improvements.
  • Improved player models
  • Adding custom waypoints
  • Diverse balancing adjustments

The DLC is priced at just £1.69 / $1.99 / €1.99 the premium DLC pack is available for Xbox Game Pass for both PC and Console.

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