The Fantastic Kitty rue is now out on Steam

The Fantastic Kitty rue is now out on Steam

Ink Rose Inc. along with Tym Studio and Studio Syndicat have announced the release of their partnership’s product, The Fantastic Kitty Rue, a brand new point-and-click visual novel filled with puzzles and rhythm minigames. The game is now out on Steam for $16,99.

Following a little girl named Felicity Rue, the game sees her attempting to become the most famous tap dancer in the galaxy. The game is set in a fantastic representation of the 1920s and features environments heavily inspired by the art nouveau style. Along the way players will meet the residents of the alien world they inhabit, all the while performing dances as their quest for fame begins.

“As I’ve gotten older and moved on to doing different types of creative work, I thought it would be a nice concept to center a game around that experience you have as a kid where you want to be a movie star or a famous performer, and how confident you are before the world kinda tries to squish that innocent hope out of you. The game is a small celebration of being a kid when the world feels like your playground. For adults, I hope this story will be a cute little experience that takes them back to those days. For kids, I want it to be something that encourages them and is ultimately a fun story to play through for them.” Said Anastasia Snyder of Ink Rose


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