The Forest

The Forest

The horror genre may be all but dead when it comes to big AAA games, instead developers and publishers are pushing the once frightening and atmospheric games into the action route.

Even so there has never been more horror games being released than there is now, the indie developers are picking up the slack and have managed to thrive in a genre that the larger companies see no profit in.

Luckily developers who are passionate about the genre are delving deep into what a horror game can be, especially with the newly announced game The Forest developed by SKS games. You find yourself stranded on a heavily forested island, the island isn’t uninhabited but the group of cannabalistic mutants who call the island their home don’t seem to be friendly.

The game is billed as a first-person open-world survival horror game, stranded and without the basic necessities to live on the island you’re tasked with staying alive. Chopping down trees to build a shelter, hunting local animals to keep you from starving, keep a warm fire going to keep you from freezing to death, planting a garden of vegetable, creating crude traps to protect yourself should the worst come through.

You will be able to fight off the encroaching horrors that seek to take you alive or dead with crude weapons you’ve fashioned from the environment or use carefully placed traps to keep them at bay.

The game is set to come out later this year on the PC and you can find the game on Steam’s Greenlight service too.

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