The Fortnite Supply Llama community challenge starts today!

The Fortnite Supply Llama community challenge starts today!

Today, Epic Games announced an exclusive community challenge for Fortnite on PlayStation, which gives players the opportunity to earn PlayStation items as well as Fortnite in-game rewards! From May 18th, 2022 (10:00) to May 24th, 2022 (05:59), all PlayStation Fortnite players can participate in the Supply Llama Community Goal by playing in one of these game modes; Fortnite Battle Royale & Zero Build (Solo, Duo, Trio, Team). The Supply Llama Community Goal is divided into three phases. Each time players along with all other participants have survived enough storms, everyone earns a reward and can continue playing for the next level.

Stage 1

  • Goal: 5,000,000 Storm circles survived.
    Rewards: Dynamic PlayStation 4 theme and “A Lotta Llamas” In-game cosmetic loading screen

Stage 2

  • Goal: 10,000,000 Storm circles survived.
    Rewards: PlayStation Network avatars and “Fresh Iridescence” in-game cosmetic Wrap

Stage 3

  • Goal: 15,000,000 Storm circles survive.
    Rewards: PlayStation Network avatars and “Mecha Team Glider” in-game cosmetic glider.

The goal of this community challenge is to survive as many storms as possible together. Every Storm circle counts! To participate, players must visit the Supply Llama Goal website and log in with their PSN ID and Epic account. Then, it’s time to play Fortnite and survive the Storm phases in order to receive the rewards after the community goals are met by the Fortnite community.

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