The future of Siege and what we can expect – Y6S1 Crimson Heist

The future of Siege and what we can expect – Y6S1 Crimson Heist

When Rainbow Six Siege came out in 2015 nobody could have predicted the impact that it would have on gamers and streamers worldwide. This year will mark the sixth anniversary of Ubisoft’s hero shooter and to inform us about the future of the game, the company had invited us over to a digital presentation event earlier this week. With a long presentation, they showed the press what their plans are for 2021 and what the first season will have in store for us.   

Rainbow Six Siege has gone through multiple fixes, upgrades and changes, yet the work is never done and this six-year-old game still holds its value in the current day. Ubisoft has found out that with the current metagame, it was really hard for attackers to win rounds because they were put at a disadvantage. In order to balance things out and make the game fair for everyone, there will be a few new features implemented. First, players will get more freedom in the prep and end phase, making them feel more useful to the game rather than only in the action phase. The prep change comes with an attacker repick. During the drone phase, you can scout out the enemy and adjust your team to counter their defenses. This is perfect for when you forget to bring some hard breaches or were too late to pick your favorite operator. To make the end phase more interesting, players can keep using their gadgets after they’re dead. This means that attackers can still drone and defenders will be able to use their defensive gadgets such as Maestro’s camera and Echo’s drones.

Another new planned feature is Streamer Mode, where you can fully adjust the experience of what the viewers can see. In the past some players would abuse streamers by stream sniping. Due to this, Ubisoft is working on a new mode where players have a special setting to customize what to hide from broadcasting on stream. There will be options to hide names, profile pictures, the names of all the players, and much more.

One major change that is coming up is how armor works. In the past, armor would affect how much damage was received, now every operator starts with 100 base health and gains additional 20 health depending on their armor rating (medium or heavy). It is unclear how characters such as Rook and Doc will change with this update.

The last change for Year 6, which might be the biggest, is the way how new operators are unlocked. Ubisoft is ditching the Season Pass and places the new operators in the Battle Pass. This means that you will have to buy a new pass each season if you want two weeks of ‘Early Access’ to the new operator. Not to worry, you can still acquire them on release with renown or Ubisoft points when they come out.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1 Crimson Heist  

After the lengthy presentation, we were able to try out some of the gameplay for the first season in year 6. We were greeted by the new attack operator that brings a rather unique item to the table. Flores is a two-speed, two armor operator that uses explosive drones to take out defenders and their items. Once deployed, the drone will keep on driving and cannot be stopped and this is when it is vulnerable to enemy fire or gadgets. Once you trigger the drone to explode, it will deploy its armor plating and will latch to the first object in range (this can be ground, wall, ceiling). A three-second timer starts and it will let the defender know that something will blow up. It can be easy to dodge if you are paying attention, but it can be the perfect surprise for unsuspecting defenders that spend too much time on their phones.

New to the arsenal for attackers comes the Gonne-6. This one-shot weapon will replace the sidearm for certain operators, by granting them a breeching tool that can destroy reinforced doors from a distance. Sadly, you only have one bullet, so make it count.

The map that gets reworked this time is Border. Unlike previous maps, this map has remained greatly the same. Some players disliked the complete overhaul of legacy maps and the confusion that it brings along. This time, Border has received a few small tweaks that will make this map even better to enjoy, with extended balconies for better rotation and a larger bathroom for better bomb defending opportunities.

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