The Gallery: Episode 1, ‘Call of the Starseed’ to be released April 5th

The Gallery: Episode 1, ‘Call of the Starseed’ to be released April 5th

Built especially to focus around virtual reality, The Gallery is a first person narrative adventure inspired by dark fantasy films. Created by talent from various existing companies and developers, such as Bioware, Relic and Riot, Cloudhead Games means to show you VR in a way you haven’t experienced before. Environments and mechanics are crafted around the phenomenon of virtual reality; with derelict beaches, abandoned sewers, quirky laboratories and many other scenarios to explore. The aspect of virtual reality will allow players to use their body while solving puzzles. Famous composer Jeremy Soules (known from the Skyrim soundtrack) will provide a musical background to the game.

Cloudhead Games CEO describes the game as an opportunity to “simply play” again, and mentioned how there really wasn’t a pattern cut out for the developer when creating this VR based game, they had to come up with a solid base themselves. The Gallery will be released through multiple episodes. The first episode, Call of the Starseed, launches on Steam, alongside HTC Vive on April 5th.

Check out the trailer here:

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