The Gardens Between trailer

The Gardens Between trailer

Did you have a best friend when growing up? Still have a best friend now? Then you can surely relate to the story of Arina and Frendt. In the game The Gardens Between you take control of time to move our friends towards mysterious beacons that will create stars for constellations. By doing so a defining moment in their friendship will be revealed, following a bittersweet story that will take you on an emotional roller coaster. The game is developed by The Voxel Agents and can be filed as an adventure puzzle game. To solve these puzzles you are helped by the vibrant and colorful world of lush gardens as these grow around objects from Frendt and Arina’s past and imagination, creating curious combinations of time and fantasy.

The Gardens will be opening for Windows and Mac trough Steam in the fall of 2017. Please get a first impression by browsing the trailer and screenshots down below.


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