The Grim & The Grave for Total War: WARHAMMER announced

The Grim & The Grave for Total War: WARHAMMER announced

The DLC content pack Call of the Beastmen has not even been out for less than a month and a new DLC has already been announced for Total War: WARHAMMER. This time the DLC is titled The Grim and the Grave and it will bring unholy rivalry as well as more free content to the base game. Being the first Lords Pack, the DLC will bolster the forces of both The Empire and The Vampire Counts by introducing rival characters and new iconic units from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

The Grim & The Grave will include two new legendary lords, two new additional lord types – the Strigoi Ghoul King and the Arch Lector – and contains new quest chains, magic items and skill trees. There are also five all-new battlefield units plus variants with special traits and abilities, and eight elite Regiments of Renown. As part of the free content program, Vlad von Carstein was released as a free legendary Lord for all players and five new battle maps are added.

Those interested in Total War: WARHAMMER – The Grim and the Grave DLC content pack can pre-order it on Steam for a price of €7,49 without a discount but be aware that the DLC won’t release until the first of September.

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