The House Flipper April Fool’s Update

The Flippers House

The House Flipper April Fool’s Update takes you on a trip down memory lane as Frozen District has once again decided to surprise us with an annual update.
On a tropical island in the middle of the ocean, you’ll find a brand new house, ready to be flipped. Those who can remember back to the 90s will notice that the house strangely resembles one of the most iconic homes in the history of anime; a house that once belonged to a turtle-shelled master of martial arts! You will find numerous Easter eggs, including seven orange-tinged spheres. Collect all the mysterious balls and once you do… well, we won’t spoil the surprise. See for yourselves by starting the hunt right now!

For those who don’t have the slightest clue what House Flipper is, we will gladly fix that right up for you. House Flipper is currently the best-selling game about renovating properties. It gives the player a unique chance to become a one-person makeover crew and take care of neglected fixer-uppers.

Key Features:

  •  Brand-new “Turtle House” for all your training needs.
  •  New items: sliding doors, options for narrow bathroom and living room doors, Tortoise pouf and sofa, Glen hanging corner cabinet, sunglasses, and two easels.
  • Stairs’ sides can now be painted black. Or any other color. Or left unpainted for a “retro-House Flipper” look.
  • Eliminated a space-time anomaly that caused the clocks to display the wrong time.
  • Items may now be hung from other ceiling-like structures, e.g., window recesses.
  • V-sync and the FPS limiter are now divorced.
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