The Last of Us Remastered now available for PS4

The Last of Us Remastered now available for PS4

Starting today, PS4 owners have the chance to play one of the best PlayStation exclusives on their next gen devices. At first, this great title was only playable on PS3 but with the Remastered edition (which includes all downloadable content and bonus material!), you can now enjoy an optimized version on the PS4.

The Last of Us’ story is about the breakout of a virus which has turned a lot of people into horrifying freaks. The non-infected live in quarantine zones where life is far from perfect. Joel, a rude smuggler, only has one priority: to survive at all costs. One day, he gets the assignment to watch over the 14 year old Ellie and guide her to another city. The Last of Us shows their journey through a devastated world and soon, an unbreakable band starts to grow between both characters.

Experience The Last of Us now on the PlayStation 4. Thanks to the optimization, the game plays at 60 FPS and in 1080p! Besides the graphical update, the Remastered edition brings you some nice bonus content as well. How about a 90 minutes long documentary where you’ll get a look behind the scenes? Or maybe you like to enable voice commentary from the director and cast? It’s all there folks.

As already mentioned, the PS4 edition of the Last of Us will feature all dlc. Left behind, the Grounded bundle and Factions are all included!

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