The Last Survey is heading to Nintendo Switch later this year

The Last Survey is heading to Nintendo Switch later this year

Try to save our planet in this amazing hand-drawn video game. The Last Survey, created by Nicholas O’Brien, will be released on Nintendo Switch later this year by a global publisher and indie developer

The Last Survey is a game of choices. Make pivotal decisions in order to steer the conversation toward progressive action, encouraging your employer to reconsider the consequences of his actions. The game is a unique story-driven experience about the dark future. Take on the role of a specialist contracted by a big company. After a year of conducting your research, you’ve discovered something very disturbing about the future of the entire planet. And it’s up to you to deliver the bad news.

The unique graphic style created with hand-drawn digital, graphite, and charcoal drawings is something that makes The Last Survey stand out. An excellent soundtrack by Lewis Kopenhafer only emphasizes the atmosphere of criticism of the modern world.   

Will you be able to influence the fate of the world?

Key features

  • Over 1500 hand-drawn drawings – digital, graphite, and charcoal arts
  • Choose-Your-Own-Adventure – lead the story with monologue and dialog options
  • Multiple endings depending on how you conduct yourself
  • Dynamic soundtrack – created by famous artist Lewis Kopenhafer
  • Story-rich narrative – with themes like globalism, extractionist capitalism, and executive greed

For more information on The Last Survey, visit the official Twitter account, official Facebook fanpage, official Discord Server, and website.

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