The Legend of Tianding – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Fighting
Developer: Creative Games Computer Graphics Corporation
Publisher: Neon Doctrine
Platform: PC, Switch
Tested on: PC

The Legend of Tianding – Review

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Most legends are told to us by our parents, or we read them in books, or even see them being played out in theatre or films. Of course, experiencing these stories yourself, by taking an active part in them would be even greater. In The Legend of Tianding, you play as Liao Tianding, a vigilante that can be best compared to a Taiwanese Robin Hood.


The game takes place in the Dadaocheng area of Taipei city in the early 1900s. The Japanese have colonized this area and have it under their reign. You step in the shoes of Liao Tianding, a local hero and Kung Fu apprentice. He wants equality for the Taiwanese people, so he steals from the rich to give back to the poor, and this is an element that comes back in the game quite often. You’ll constantly have to try your best to assist those in need, while also fleeing from the police, who are out to get you. This makes the story sound like the Taiwanese version of Robin Hood as you rob the rich to feed the poor. The story starts when Liao returns to Taipei city after mysteriously disappearing after a previous event, turning him into a rather local legend. Rather quickly in the game, we learn the reason behind his disappearance. His master has prohibited him from leaving the mountain, as he must train, get stronger and stay safe.

The story in The Legend of Tiangding might seem a bit basic, but it’s deeper than you’d initially think. Players who want to fly through the game will just be experiencing the story of a local hero, but those who take the time to read all the conversations and look at the cutscenes will spot much deeper lore. Upon first seeing your master, he will be angry that you are not training on the mountain, as he wants to keep you safe due to a prophecy stating you will die within the next year. The story slowly unfolds and ends in a rather surprising way.


The Legend of Tianding has some really amazing artwork embedded into the game. This 2D action game has some really fluid animations, all while utilizing different kinds of colors and lighting to create an unforgettable atmosphere. The sewers are cold and grimy, while the factory is hot, and the city is lively. The story is brought via traditional Chinese Manga portions, which either involve still images or small animations. Furthermore, the HUD elements are simple, easy to read, and quick to follow up.


As much effort as the developers have put into making the game look good, they also invested the same amount of time to make it sound good. The authentic Asian cultural music that plays in the background will deeply immerse you into the eastern setting. Traveling through the city will present you with a more relaxed vibe, compared to sneaking in the sewers or underground tunnels, where the soundtrack sounds more ominous.

Aside from the great music, the sound effects in the game are also splendid. Fighting and platforming sound great, guns sound impactful, and there are even some voiced lines left and right. These are rather rare and serve to liven up the situation without overdoing it in the process.


The Legend of Tianding is a 2D platforming/fighting game that feels like it takes the best elements from both genres and combines them into one amazing title. You experience the story of Liao Tianding, a local folk hero that is viewed as a vigilante by the government. You start with a short and interesting tutorial that teaches you the basic controls of the game. You’ll have two special items at your disposal during your adventures, your grappling hook, and a waist sash. With this sash, you are able to disarm your enemies and steal their weapons for yourself. These tools have limited uses, but they can be improved with power-up items. These power-up items can be acquired during your travels, but are also gifted when you share your wealth with the many beggars in the streets.

Liao knows his Kung Fu and he isn’t afraid to use it against the many vagrants and corrupt policemen that roam the streets. At his disposal is a range of devastating combos, strong attacks, and the ability to steal weapons from enemies. Finding the right ‘flow’ in a fight can make these fights really easy, and when nailing those combos it truly makes you feel like an action hero. Most of the enemies will be disposed of easily, but there are more powerful opponents on the horizon. Some enemies have veterans within their ranks, and these have increased health and can deal some serious damage with their unblockable moves.

During your adventures, you’ll have three main components to keep an eye on; health, stamina and buns. Buns are used for healing you on the go, and these can be either dropped by enemies and crates, or will be refilled when you stop at a save-point. At these save-points, you can also swap out talismans that you have collected. These talismans are powerful artifacts that can make your life much easier. Your stamina regenerates, but you will need to use your stamina sparingly if you want to use special moves in tricky fights. These moves can deal immense damage, help you break the floor, or lift you up to higher spots.

The controls are really simple, making the game easy to pick up and play. From the combat to the platforming action, everything feels responsive, and there are no moments of frustration where you feel like it was the game’s fault that you messed up. That being said, after all these good points, there is also one bad point. The game can be completed in under five hours. As the gameplay is a great blend between both adventuring and fighting, it would have been nice to have a few extras just to lengthen the overall lifespan.


The Legend of Tianding is an absolute masterpiece that is not only fun to play but also has a nice story to follow, and action to keep you occupied for a few hours. The high quality of graphics and sounds create a perfect classic Asian atmosphere and make us feel like the Taiwanese Robin Hood. Fighting your foes is pleasant and the platforming never becomes tedious. The latter is a great bonus point, as some games tend to make this deliberately harder to stretch playtime. The only sad part is that the game is quite short, and we would have loved to have some more content.

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The Legend of Tianding – Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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