The Longest Five Minutes is getting a physical release in Europe

The Longest Five Minutes is getting a physical release in Europe

The adventure RPG title The Longest Five Minutes will see a physical release in Europe very soon. In fact, within the next few months kind of soon. It’s set to release in the United Kingdom for PlayStation Vita on the 22nd of March.

In The Longest Five Minutes you play as a hero who is facing the origin of all evil, The Overlord himself but his memory is wiped clean. Everything he once knew is gone in an instant. As he is battling The Overlord, words and taunts from his allies and the Overlord himself are triggering flashbacks. This allows our hero to piece his memory back together, bit by bit, but he must be quick about it as the Overlord is a strong foe.

If you can’t wait for a physical release to dive into the 8bit memories of this hero, you can find the game digitally for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita and Steam.


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