The Low Road – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, puzzle, point-and-click
Developer: XGEN Studios
Publisher: XGEN Studios
Platforms: PC, Mac
Tested on: PC

The Low Road – Review

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Good: Fun graphics, lots of secrecy
Bad: Might be too short for some
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Some spy movies like the James Bond series show a certain image on how double agents work and it might inspire some people to follow this way of life. In The Low Road, it becomes clear rather fast that there is more to it than raw action, which is not to the liking of the protagonist. If you we’re hoping to get a shooter, think again as you will be thrown into a different path.

The Low Road


We are catapulted back to 1976, a time where some of the technologies were just being invented. The story revolves around Noomi Kovacs and her ambition to become a field agent in the spy industry. On arrival at her new job, it becomes clear rather fast that your dream is far out of reach. Your supervisor Turn tests you immediately by letting you handle a call and depending on your skills, it might not end as expected. From there on out, the path is quite wobbly and you will soon find out that everyone has their own issues and secrets. Be ready to dive into a pool of drama and secrecy with the Low Road.

In total, the game might not take that long but at least the story is nice with its occasional plot twists. It gives you something new with a lot of secrets, which you need to unravel. Don’t expect to get hours and hours of exploration time, as The Low Road follows a more linear structure.

The Low Road


Looking at the graphics, it is clear that the designers went all-out on this one. Don’t expect lifelike visuals but more of a cartoony style with its own specific characteristics. It feels like the characters are pasted on the scenery, especially when you walk around. It isn’t always clear what is interactive, only by hovering over it with your mouse as the cursor changes.

This rather unique set of graphics is quite harmonious and sucks you into this wicked world. The conversations are guided by some rather expressive facial features and there are some fun minigames that are nicely finished. Sometimes you will see your arm hovering on the screen while you can see your hand do several motions.

The Low Road


One of the biggest assets of the game is the voice acting. Really, every conversation is guided by some nice spoken variant that gives The Low Road that extra punch. Each voice really fits their character and combined with the ever-changing facial expressions, it really conveys the message. There are also some sound effects that guide your actions rather nicely and it gives that extra dimension to the game. Of course, music is also present and rather profoundly. Every area or setting has its particular theme and helps with the immersion into the game. Some of the tunes might be a bit overwhelming and too loud but it’s still enjoyable.


The Low Road is an adventure game with both puzzle as point-and-click elements. You follow the story of Noomi Kovacs and need to solve several riddles to get to your goal and discover some nasty secrets. To do so, you have to talk to several people and make some decisions now and then. Mostly you can choose between several options, some more ridiculous than others. There aren’t any timers so you can think long enough on how to respond, but some of the answers might end the game sooner than anticipated. Don’t worry though, as you are rewound to the mishap where you can start fresh.

The Low Road

Next to the conversations, there are also other puzzles that needs to be tackled. Some of them are by finding certain objects and using them on other locations so you can continue your quest while others give you a different screen where you have to do a certain action. This could be that you have to get a switch to the other side of the maze or that you have to find intel in the background check of characters.

Important items are stored in your possession which can be accessed at the top left. As there aren’t any hints provided, it might be difficult to find out what you should be doing next at certain times but as the game is quite linear you will find your way eventually. This also means that the game might be a tad too easy for die-hard puzzle or point-and-click fans.



With The Low Road, you can take a sniff of what spy work is all about while you get the possibility to find the truth behind some secrets. As the game takes place in the seventies, some of the technologies aren’t available yet. Graphical wise, you’re in for a rather peculiar treat but it is a nice change of pace with the pixelated style or the realistic genre. Creativity wasn’t lacking when this game was created, which can also be said of the music, effects and voice acting. In the end, The Low Road gives you a nice mix of finding items to solve certain problems while you also need to tackle some puzzles.

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The Low Road - Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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