The Making of Amoras – Comic Book Review
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Written by: Marc Legendre
Animations: Charel Cambré
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

The Making of Amoras – Comic Book Review

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There’s no denying that Amoras, the adult version of Suske and Wiske, created a huge amount of buzz that reached longtime fans, as well as those who were simply looking for an exciting tale. At the same times another character received its own more adult series namely Jerom, who starred in J.Rom. While J.Rom is being prolonged and is receiving two extra issues, which will handle a new story arc, it was only natural that the Amoras fans would receive something little to quench their thirst as well. While we can’t offer you the good news of getting a new Amoras story, we can at least treat you to some ‘behind the scenes’ did-you-knows, showing the rather difficult road of making characters that saw the light in 1947 even more popular than they have ever been.


This time we won’t get to plow through an exciting story, but we get other interesting content in return. From the beginning of this album, the veil is lifted slowly, one page at a time, on how Amoras came to fruition. While we now realize how important this series has become, it wasn’t easy to market something like this, especially when it was an alteration of some of Belgium’s beloved comic book characters who are pretty much considered heritage nowadays. You’ll get to see that specific tactics were used, to pique the interest of many fans, by only releasing snippets of information at a time and spending enough effort into making things appear rather cinematic, rather than a mere comic book adaptation.

Other than that, we also get to see what inspired the creation of the series, as well as why certain characters were picked to have the albums of the series named after them. Slowly you’ll be able to place the pieces of the puzzle together and find out fun facts, such as that the original idea was to create nine albums, rather than the six we received.

In this album you’ll find a lot of concept art, artwork and promotional material that was spread to create a certain hype around the (upcoming) series. You’ll also see how some ideas come to life thanks to extremely crude illustrations and things that can be found in the real world.


The making of Amoras is a fun addition to your Amoras collection, especially if you love to see more artwork of the series, as well as learn some trivia that grants you even more knowledge over the plebian Amoras reader. Not only basic fun facts are provided, but also the trip from concept to the actual series, as well as the marketing techniques that were used to create a huge buzz.


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The Making of Amoras - Comic Book Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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