The Most Useful Gaming and Gambling Terms – A Guide for Beginners

The Most Useful Gaming and Gambling Terms – A Guide for Beginners

Most commonly, gamers and gamblers alike are well-versed in the lingo that’s used in the games they enjoy playing. These specific gaming and gambling terms have quite a specific purpose – they’re there to convey a certain message as clearly and as quickly as possible.

Needless to say, with so many different types of games out there, there are also plenty of genre-specific terms, aside from the ones that are more universal.

That’s why we’ve decided to put together a beginner-friendly guide to the most useful gaming and gambling terms every player should know.

Gambling terms


This gambling term can denote the total amount of money that’s been put in the game or it can signal a player that it’s their time to play.

Bad bet

A bet that didn’t result in success.


Refers to either a bonus that can be withdrawn once it becomes “cashable” or it can refer to the balance that a player can withdraw once all the wagering is complete.


A player who continues to bet even after a losing streak. Such players are often referred to “chasing their loses”.


Deuce is a classical gambling slang for the number two.

Even money

When a player manages to win back the same amount of money that they’ve originally put in the game.

Full house

Full house is one of the best-known gambling terms and it refers to a poker hand where two cards are of one rank and other three cards are of a second rank.


Flush is also a poker term and it refers to a hand that consists of the cards that are all of the same suit.

Gross win

Gross win denotes the total amount of money won before any expenses are subtracted.


The percentage of every bet that’s expected to go to a casino (house).


Another term for a lucky player – a player who easily wins the games.


Muck is a poker term meaning to fold cards face-down into the discard pile.


Another term for high roller – a person that makes an extremely huge, bold bet.


Parlay is the action of adding the money from the previous roll into the current bet.


A hand that’s made of four cards.


When nobody manages to win the game so the prize rolls over.


A witty player that manages to win the game by tricking other players into letting their guard down.

Tapping out

The action of leaving the game once you no longer have enough money to play.


A bet that’s more in the favor of the house, rather than the player.


Whale is another term for extremely high rollers. Some of them make such huge bets that could potentially jeopardize casino’s business in case they happen to win.

Gaming terms


In any type of multiplayer game, a player will type AFK into the chat whenever they need to step “away from keyboard”.


A character that’s controlled by the computer, often called NPC (non-playable character). Also, a derogatory term for an extremely unskillful player.


“Be right back” (BRB) can be used instead of AFK. Usually, BRB will last somewhat shorter than AFK.


Cooldown is the term used in various game that denotes the amount of time a player must wait before they can repeat their previous move or use the previously-used skill.


In online multiplayer games, if you DC-d, that means that your game disconnected (from the server or internet network). In some games, it’s important to let others know you DC-d instead of intentionally logging off.


DLC is additionally-made gaming content that’s created after the game launched and can now be downloaded as an addition to the original game.

Easter egg

Easter egg is a term commonly used to describe any type of hidden message or hint. It’s also used in movies, TV shows and other parts of the entertainment industry.


To gank means to intentionally sabotage other player(s) in some way, be it by eliminating them, stealing their loot or in any other way blocking their in-game progress. Gankers are players that gank other players.


GG means “good game”, and it’s often used in MMOs, MMORPGs, MOBAs and other similar games.


To grind means to consistently work on achieving a certain goal. For instance, you may be grinding for the things you can sell in-game (such as mats) if you’re in need of gold (or any other in-game currency).


KP stands for “kill proof” and these are usually items (titles or achievements) you can show to other players to prove to them that you’re as good as you claim to be.


Most commonly used in online games, a lag is a delay between the input and the output.


Loot refers to anything that can be obtained during or by playing the game.


OP stands for “overpowered”. It can refer to either players or NPCs, a particular build, weapon, class, etc.


An action where a player abandons the game out of frustration.


In most games, WP has the similar meaning to GG. It means “well played”. However, in Guild Wars 2, for instance, it can also mean “waypoint” as that’s also the name used for one of the means of transportation in this popular title.


These were just some of the most useful gaming and gambling terms every player should get familiar with. Not only will they help you convey your messages more easily to other players, but they will also help you understand the game lingo more easily.

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