The Nex Machina chronicles

The Nex Machina chronicles

The guys from Housemarque are working on a new top down bullet hell title. Take a look as we follow them in the life of an indie developer, in the time from conception of an idea and beyond the release of their new title; Nex Machina.

Trying to capture the spirit of games like Resogun and Robotron, Nex Machina is aiming to be the next great top down voxel shooter, with ultimate capabilities. Their goal is to make everything destructible, have loads of opportunities to create your own playstyle, while providing the tough types of challenges that want to make you keep playing the game to get that high score.

Of course the cycle of creating a game is not without it’s problems, and in the behind the scenes of the release of the game we see the problems that may arise in announcing a game. From buggy code at demo’s to failed updates while at the show floor. But that is all in the life if a developer, and can be mitigated if you have a strong team and good support such as in their friends Eugene Jarvis and Harry Krueger to discuss their philosophy in designing the game.

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