The Nurgle Team Is Available Now In Blood Bowl 2

The Nurgle Team Is Available Now In Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 today introduced a  brand new race to the game: The Nurgle team. This team can count on their fearsome players to win, such as the Beast of Nurgle.

Nurgle teams are a form of Chaos team, whose players worship the god Nurgle. The god Nurgle is a Chaos god of corruption and disease. He rewards his players by granting them a rather unpleasant disease known as “Nurgle’s Rot”. If anyone gets close enough to get a decent sniff, they’ll contract one of Nurgle’s nasty diseases and usually die before anyone can suggest a new personal hygiene regime.


As with most Chaos teams, the Nurgle team is at its best when it can get stuck in and directly take on opposing players. There is one downside to this team though, Nurgle Warriors have a poor Agility value and Move rate, and do not make good ball bearers.

Blood Bowl 2 will be available on November 25. Players who preorder the game now get 50% off and they will also receive other exclusive bonuses.


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