The Office Quest, released on Steam

The Office Quest, released on Steam

It is 6:30 and your alarm goes off. You get up, perhaps after snoozing once or twice, and get ready for your daily life. You sit in traffic for an hour, only to sit at your desk for eight, pressing the same keys. You drink your same coffee or tea and have your same lunch, but this time, all your coworkers are wearing fluffy onesies. (Different story, trust me). Then, you see a beckoning red light, leading you to sneak off of your work. To find new emotions. Because lets face it, you really need it if a magical red light can draw you away from your boring old life. This is what The Office Quest is all about.


  • Solve puzzles and riddles in a casual point & click adventure, challenging enough to put your ingenuity to the test, accessible enough to let you enjoy the ride!
  • Enjoy a wonderful cartoonish art with comic-style environments and characters. This office may be boring, but boy, it is beautifully drawn!
  • Meet eccentric, hilarious characters, from your grumpy, cigar-smoking boss to the annoying meeting-lover, and trick them into letting you slip away.
  • Laugh with constant gags, from visual jokes to slapstick comedy, in an office where for some reason everyone wears fluffy monster-shaped onesies
  • Feeling stuck? Help yourself to sweet hints that will help you as much as make you laugh!

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