The Outlast Trials – Preview
Follow Genre: Horror, Multiplayer
Developer: Red Barrels
Publisher: Red Barrels
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

The Outlast Trials – Preview

Good: Atmosphere, Concept, Replay value
Bad: Controls aren't always that responsive
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After having played through the previous Outlast games, which was a haunting experience, to say the least, we were rather pumped up when we heard a new game would be released. When we saw that it would be a multiplayer experience, we were quite unsure if it would emulate the same gruesome atmosphere as the other games. Even so, more Outlast content was surely appreciated, and we also saw some merits in having to go through one of these games with other people suffering the same fate (in a good way). When we eventually got our hands on The Outlast Trials we found the experience to be the best in the series in many ways.

Even though The Outlast Trials is predominantly a multiplayer experience, the game has you play the introduction on your own. The atmosphere is set mere moments into the game when you are promised a better future but end up in a weird experiment instead. You get an odd VR-like contraption attached to your head by actually drilling the hinges into your skull. It’s clear that your situation is dire, and when you see other people getting chopped to bits, you know you’ll have to play along if you wish to regain your freedom. The story is not that clear at first, but some pieces of the puzzles will start falling into place the further you progress through the levels. Levels can also be played on your own, but we did enjoy playing with other people a bit more. Of course, a solo experience makes the game even scarier.

The overall offset is fairly simple when playing through the different levels. During each level, you’ll have a few objectives which you’ll need to complete, and you can try to tackle these in different ways. You can aim to be as careful as possible and remain close to your team members, or you can split up and try to beat the level as quickly as possible. As you progress through the level and unlock new upgrades, you might also figure out an interesting team composition. For example, you can unlock healing items, but also items that would distract the gruesome enemies that will inevitably start chasing you through the different stages. The levels are quite short, which makes this an ideal game for short gaming sessions.

As you complete more and more levels, you’ll earn money, as well as get closer to earning your freedom. With the cash you earn, you can somewhat customize your room in the facility, which is a nice touch. As a whole, the game’s presentation is on point. Not only does the game look good, but the overall diversity of the levels also makes sure there’s always something intriguing to be found (lurking around every corner). The sound design is top-notch as well, and the atmospheric sounds, as well as the screams and voice lines of the creepy beings that run around the levels, set the mood for the many gaming sessions.

As it stands now, the game actually already feels like a reasonably finished product. We did notice that playing the game with a controller is not as fluid as when you opt for a mouse and keyboard setup, but it still works well enough for those that prefer this way of gaming. The levels also have a bit of replay value, as you can always aim to improve the grade you get at the end of a level. Each player in the level gets graded individually, so your skill is basically all that matters. Of course, helping your allies might make beating certain stages a lot easier.


The Outlast Trials doesn’t exactly feel like the other titles in the series, but it’s certainly a great entry in the franchise, if not the best already. Even though we were skeptical about the multiplayer format at first, we absolutely enjoyed it, and we found ourselves enjoying the company of those who probably endured the same number of jumpscares as us. We felt as if the game was already well-polished but we are also eager to see what the Early Access period still has in store for us. If you’re looking for a great multiplayer horror title, then picking this one up is a no-brainer.

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The Outlast Trials - Preview, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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