The principle of operation of slot machine games

The principle of operation of slot machine games

Physical slot machines are simple – there was a processor inside the “box”, it generated random numbers that were converted and displayed on the screen with random symbols on the reels. However, the owners tweaked processors in each casino individually: the frequency of losses was made greater than the wins.

The gambling websites use additional technologies. For example, you can see “MD5 Protection.” MD5 is an encrypted, 128-bit protected algorithm. The professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed it, and this algorithm is used in electronic security systems.

With MD5, genuinely random numbers are generated. On some sites, you can even download archives-checks: the player selects slot machines in which he want to get an archive; however, the archive with a password and the password will be sent only after the end of the game.

According to the creators of software for online casinos, slot machines with RNGs have not yet been hacked even once. That’s why MD5 ensures fair play, forms players’ loyalty to the resource and protects the casino from fraud that players and third parties are capable of.

Types of slot machine games and bonuses in online casinos

There are different slot machines on the market with different thematic designs, storylines and bonuses.

Most often, you can see slots with 3 or 5 reels, 20-25 symbols. The external design is determined by the theme of the game itself. Some developers use special characters – Wild, Scatter, Bonus, Joker and others. They make the machine more attractive contribute to greater monetary rewards. Online casinos also use loyal bonus systems. With them, it is much easier for operators to attract new players and gain trust.

There are two types of slot machines:

  • With low rate bets (even less than $1 per line). Here prizes are frequent events. These slots are suitable for most newcomers to online slot games;
  • Slot machines for high bet rates (from $5 per line). Those who make only high stakes are called a special term – high rollers.

Slot machines have fixed prize lines for winning combinations, and sometimes you can form combinations from left to right, from top to bottom and vice versa. Paylines can start from 5 to a couple of hundred. When a player wins, the prize chain lights up and the player is credited with bonuses or real money for the winning combination.

RTP (Return percentage to the player) in slot machines

When choosing a slot machine game for real money RTP is a key factor for successful gameplay.

It is measured in %, here is an example of the formula:

RTP = win / bet * 100%. Under the laws of many countries, the RTP must be more than 90%.

Licensed and unlicensed casinos with slot machines

Licensed online casino – a casino under the supervision of a regulator. This regulator responsible for monitoring the honesty of the online casino and gives ability to conduct online gambling activities around the world; financial reliability, protection of visitors’ information and other parameters. In such casinos, the gaming software will work without failures.

However, online casinos without a license can change the settings of the RNG and RTP. On unlicensed sites, players are usually lured with significant gifts for registration and large bonuses. Also, unlicensed gambling establishments can be recognized by the young age of the website domain name, the lack of slot machines with a progressive jackpot and games with a live dealer.

If the site is licensed, information about this should be posted on the homepage or at the bottom of the page. Each trusted website must have a link to license regulator with unique ID it cannot be hacked or made without a license. So remember to check this before playing slot machines online.

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