The Queen’s Corgi (DVD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Director: Vincent Kesteloot, Ben Stassen
Distributor: Belga Home Video
Duration: 85 minutes

The Queen’s Corgi (DVD) – Movie Review

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Animated movies are often quite tricky to properly score a successful hit. They often are expected to be extremely funny, and this is pretty much due to the Ice Age and Shrek series. Nonetheless, Disney has had its share of hard-hitters as well, where humor is often not the basic premise of the movie. This time we are taken to Buckingham Palace to see how the queen herself fancies the noble breed of dogs that are known as corgis. We hadn’t heard of this movie before, so we were quite curious, especially with a clear caricature of Trump on the backside of the DVD cover.

We are taken directly to Buckingham Palace where the queen (Mari Devon) gets gifted her fourth corgi, Rex (Leo Barakat). The young Rex immediately wins over the queen and gets treated like the queen’s very own ‘top-dog’. This title makes him the leader of the pack and grants him several special privileges. When the American president, Donald Trump (Kirk Thornton) shows up with Melania (Millie Mup) and their own ‘special’ corgi, things take a turn for the worst. Rex is supposed to become the love interest of the peculiar corgi and he isn’t all too invested in the plot. Things go wrong, ending up with the queen being disappointed in Rex. When Charlie (Dino Andrade), one of the other corgis comes up with a plan to sneak off to the pope to become his pet corgis, Rex goes along with it. Sadly, Charlie is aiming for the top-dog position and betrays Rex, leaving him in a pool of icy water, ready to drown.

The flow of the movie follows a rather typical formula where everything is perfect at the beginning, which is then replaced with a problematic situation in the middle, working up its way to a happy ending for all parties involved. The movie does start off rather slowly and a bit dull, as you’ll have to make do with only stiff and stuck-up characters the first half-hour of the movie. Nonetheless, halfway through the movie corrects itself and becomes rather interesting for you to cling on until the credits start rolling. For Trump haters, there’s also an abundance of Trump jokes and references during the intro of the movie, which will certainly pitch a few tents for those getting a kick out of that.

While the movie is also released in Dutch and Flemish, we decided to watch the English version, as everything in the movie transpires in the United Kingdom. The voice acting is actually quite good for having a fairly unknown cast of (voice) actors. Rex is properly voiced by Leo Barakat, who can act out a posh and stuck-up noble like no other. Wanda, the leading lady of the movie has been voiced by Jo Wyatt, who gives proper character to the stray dog, who becomes a rather important figure in Rex’s life. Other roles have also been properly fleshed out, making sure none of the voice work feels subpar or less qualitative.

There are no proper extras to be found on the DVD release of The Queen’s Corgi. You can only watch the trailer of the movie in Dutch or Flemish and that’s about it. It would have been nice to have some additional information or a making-of sequence, but sadly you’ll have to make do with no real extra content.


The Queen’s Corgi is a fairly delightful children’s animated movie, which does start off rather slowly. The humor isn’t always that perfect and it might be somewhat hard for children to grasp the true nature of how someone ‘stuck-up’ can change over the course of a single movie. Nonetheless, the animations are crisp, the dogs are cute and there’s a proper adventure to be experienced when viewing this film. It never reaches the quality of a Disney or Dreamworks film, but it does a reasonable job at trying to mimic the qualities of those aforementioned companies.

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The Queen's Corgi (DVD) - Movie Review, 5.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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