THE QUIET MAN available on PS4 and PC

THE QUIET MAN available on PS4 and PC

Players who are intrigued by the concept of THE QUIET MAN can finally experience the soundless world for the first time as of today. If you are interested in the development of the game, check out the below video titled “Who is THE QUIET MAN?”.

THE QUIET MAN offers a spectacular cinematic experience in a story-driven game developed by Human Head Studios known for video games such as Lost Within, Prey and Rune. With the help of action director Tatsuro Koike known for the Yakuza series, and the famous comic writing team Man of Action Entertainment who are known for series such as BEN 10, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man and the characters in BIG HERO 6, Square Enix Ltd brings forth a story that enfolds in one single night.

Players assume the role of Dane, a boy who has lost his hearing and is struggling with daily life after a traumatic event. He witnesses the abduction of Lala, a singer who has been taken by a mysterious masked man and decides to unravel the truth by fighting his way through the soundless world.

As the game is on the short side, mere 3 hours of gameplay, it’s best to experience it in one sitting. However, one week after today’s launch a free patch with the title THE QUIET MAN – ASNWERED will be released, which allows players to run through the game once more, this time experiencing it with sound. Additionally, THE QUIET MAN has subtitles in 29 different languages, but the subtitles will only appear when the dialogue is meant to be heard and understood by the player. Once players have played through the patch, the answers will be revealed.

THE QUIET MAN is now available digitally on PlayStation 4 and PC (via Steam) for a price of €14,99 or its local equivalent. If you buy the game between 1 and 15 November in the PlayStation Store, you will receive the game, a dynamic theme and a set of 8 exclusive PSN avatars. If you buy the game on Steam in this period, you will receive 7 wallpapers. Furthermore, in the same timeframe, you’ll receive a 10 % discount on the game, regardless of the platform.

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