The Raven: The Legacy of the Master Thief (part 2) – Review
Follow Genre: Point and click adventure
Developer: KING Art, Nordic Games
Publisher: KING Art, Nordic Games
Platform: Mac, PC

The Raven: The Legacy of the Master Thief (part 2) – Review

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The first part of The Raven: The Legacy of the Master Thief gave you a taste of the cat-and-mouse-game between good and bad. Let’s continue this exciting quest to find the culprit!



The story continues from where we left part one. You can find the previous review here. I’m not going to spoil anything but Constable Zellner is pinned down and needs to do some quick thinking to save himself from this deadly situation. As expected, the Constable finds a way to defeat his opponent and he gets the chance to prove himself once more to find the Raven. After the tumultuous journey on the MS Lydia, you get the opportunity to visit the museum where the Eye of the Sphinx will be exhibited. As you can imagine, things are going bad as well and the Constable has to solve quite some mysteries.

I can tell you this, you’ll know the identity of the Raven in this part! Wooptidoo, but what about part 3 then? Well, you’ll get to know the other side of the story as well. You’ll play as the Raven and get the chance to be the crook.



The graphics aren’t very different from  the previous part but there are some remarks. The characters didn’t change and are still in the same style, but the quality of the graphics seems worse. The edges of the environment and silhouettes of the characters are sharp but when you walk around, you’ll notice that the shade sometimes has a different colour. It wouldn’t be disturbing when the colour matched the surroundings, but it’s like a black background and a red edge. It does seem that this only occurs on the highest quality setting.


The music and sound effects in the second part stays almost unchanged and this is both a good and bad thing. It’s positive that the game still has the same quality of music and sound effects but the soundtracks are almost the same. This is the second part of one game but a somewhat different soundtrack in the museum for example would’ve been a nice addition.

There is another remark as well. The conversations are all with full voice acting but the written text and the voices aren’t always synchronized. Sometimes the character is telling something that has already been written or vice versa.

raven 2


The gameplay didn’t change in comparison with the first part, so you’ll still be clicking clues and solving puzzles to save the day. There are some minor remarks though.

Firstly, when the characters move, they sometimes glitch a bit and ‘teleport’ to their designated spot. This didn’t happen during the previous part but it occurred a few times during this playthrough. Although this isn’t a big issue, this shouldn’t be happening.

As a second remark, the information in the journal isn’t always visible when it should be. I have to mention that there weren’t a lot of hints and the available ones aren’t that useful.

This game felt quite shorter than the previous part but this could have multiple reasons. First of all, you know how the game works and you get a sixth sense for finding the important items. Secondly, the good cop game stops in the middle of this part and you’ll start as The Raven. You become the evil masterbrain and you get to see the other side of the story. It is refreshing to experience the other side of the story.

raven 3


This game is the second part of the ‘The Raven’ trilogy and continues the story of Constable Zellner and the famous thief. The graphics and music didn’t change which is positive but has some negative points as well. The story takes a twist and takes you to the bad side inside yourself. Let the beast go!

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