The return of mod support in Men of War II

The return of mod support in Men of War II

Mods have been around since the early days of PC gaming, with some of the most famous franchises even having started out as a mod! Now Fulqrum Publishing and Best Way have announced that the beloved mod support is coming back to their RTS game Men of War II. With the return of mod support it was also announced that the team behind the extremely popular ‘Born in Fire’ mod for the original Men of War and Men of War: Assault Squad 2 will be working on something new for this title. As a slight teaser to those who want to know, this mod will be all about the American Civil War and the original work started ten years ago.

Men of War II is an RTS game that offers players a wide range of units with different specializations with pinpoint historical accuracy. Lead your troops in intense real-time battles on the Eastern and Western Fronts while enjoying new levels of visual and audio excellence in the series trademarked heart-pounding action. Utilize sophisticated military strategies, use brute force or lay ambushes to become the greatest military leader of all time. Fight your battles on the land or in the skies during single-player skirmishes, a narrated campaign, or epic multiplayer action.

Men of War II will be available on PC through Steam, Epic Games and other digital stores in 2023

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