The Rise of AI: How It Can Help Your Small Business

Whenever artificial intelligence is mentioned or discussed, it’s usually presented through the prism of advanced machine learning or experimental technologies. There’s a good reason for this.

Once we as a civilization crack the code that is advanced AI, that event will be more significant than the industrial revolution. With all that said, AI is already everywhere, including business. Knowing how to utilize AI can be the difference between being ahead of the competition, or just below the cutoff line. AI can help grow a small business and today we’ll show you how!

Efficiency Through Automation

Every business, no matter how small or large, is bogged down by inefficiencies. In fact, one of the main postulates of business growth is optimization. Larger organizations are often easier to optimize simply because all of the tasks are divided among more people.

Smaller businesses often don’t have that luxury. Instead, most if not all tasks within a smaller business are left to the few individuals who run it. Here’s the thing – a solid chunk of those tasks can be automated using AI.

You can use artificial intelligence to take over non-vital tasks that usually involve grinding. Delegating to AI leaves you with enough time to work on tasks that matter the most. That being said, AI can be used in a whole variety of different ways.

Optimize the HR and Hiring Process Using AI

If there’s one thing AI is good at, it’s sorting through massive amounts of data efficiently and quickly. If you know anything about HR and an average hiring process, you probably know just how much data is involved. CVs, cover letters, and other paperwork can often be overwhelming. Experts over at argue that building custom AI software to sift through all that data can greatly streamline the hiring process. Additionally, running such software will free up countless work hours your HR can use for more important tasks.

Automate Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management or CRM used to be a grueling task. Gauging feedback from your customers and turning it into actionable data used to take a lot of work. These days you can automate massive portions of this process with AI.

Artificial intelligence is capable of recognizing key information in customer feedback, use that information to propose adjustments to your business plan, and reveal weaknesses in your sales current marketing strategy.

Using AI for such a complex task enables to you make quick adjustments and retain a leading pole position in competitive industries. The use of AI in this particular application is standard practice for larger operations, while it’s also becoming SOP for smaller businesses as artificial intelligence permeates through more layers of our society.

Introduce AI to All Aspects of Business

There are many areas of business that can be improved using AI. It’s not just the complex, data mining. Using a virtual assistant may be on the fringes of AI technology, bordering consumer software, but it absolutely helps.

The truth is that using virtual assistants is both the easiest form of AI to implement and one that can make the most impact in your day-to-day operations. This is even more true for small organizations with one or two employees. Something like Alexa for Business can be a great tool in any organization.

Automate Customer Support

Customer service is and always has been an important part of any business. Whether you’re selling products or offering services, you need to maintain a positive customer service experience that will let your clients know that you care about their feedback.

Nowadays you no longer have to employ a large number of CS agents to run customer service. Instead, you can get a lot done with customer service chatbots. Although most of them are designed to follow a specific script, there are AI-driven bots that have proven to be quite effective.

Using a chatbot of this type greatly reduces the CS workload. You’ll eliminate most of the cases, leaving only tickets that require your attention.

The Future of AI and Small Businesses

Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving. We are currently very close to finding solutions that will expedite the development of higher-level AI, thus making the use of artificial intelligence much more popular. As soon as that happens, we’ll see a boom in small business-oriented AIs.

Learning how to implement these technologies into your business may very well help you become much more competitive in your industry. Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to advanced technologies is already a defining factor in terms of growing market shares and industry influence.

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