The Shadow Sun rises on mobile platforms

The Shadow Sun rises on mobile platforms

These are golden times for role players. While BioWare has launched Dragon Age Inquisition recently, Ossian Studios treats mobile gamers to another ambitious title. The Shadow Sun brings more than ten hours of dark fantasy as players are invited to take part in the battle against the creatures of the cursed city of Shar.

Alan Miranda, CEO of Ossian Studios and former BioWare employee, claims that this desert adventure should be able to give RPG fans their regular fix: “It’s a great coincidence that my friends and past colleagues at BioWare have just launched Dragon Age Inquisition at the same time, and The Shadow Sun is a deep mobile action RPG, that will scratch that itch as RPG fans wait to head home to play the next masterpiece in BioWare’s incredible franchise. Much of my development knowledge stems from the time that I spent working with Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, the founders of the studio and true masters of the genre.”

It should be noted that Miranda does not wish to settle for being the second best, as he has stated that his team “listened to our players and made tweaks to the gameplay and camera in The Shadow Sun to bring a truly great adventure to Android devices.”

The game can be found on Google Play and in the App Store for £ 2.99 or $ 4.99.

Will this “sun also rise” or does Hemingway’s novel have nothing to do with all of this? Check the launch trailer below!

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