The Sinking City gets interesting gameplay trailer

The Sinking City gets interesting gameplay trailer

Publisher Bigben and Developer Frogwares proudly present gameplay footage of A Delicate Matter, a mission from upcoming game The Sinking City. The footage displays the main investigation mechanics in the game.

During this mission, Mr. Throgmorthon, head of one of the most renowned families in Oakmont, aks Charles to investigate a delicate case. A buyer of art disappeared right before a deal for an expensive piece was concluded, and Mr. Throgmorthon wants to get hold of this piece of art at all costs. The player will have to scour the city, interrogate potential witnesses, and use his or her logical brain to get to the bottom of this mysterious case.

The Sinking City is set to release June 27th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For more information, or to pre-order the game, be sure to check their official website, here.

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