The Skylia Prophecy out today on Steam

The Skylia Prophecy out today on Steam

Long-awaited, The Skylia Prophecy is available today on Steam. Developed by Ezekiel Rage and published by Indie games publisher Plug In Digital, this pixel-art retro-like metroidvania is ready for players to dive in.

Take on the role of Mirenia and embark on an epic quest to vanquish the evil she unleashed when she was a teenager. Traverse through this side-scrolling RPG, journey throughout lands and towns, explore ancient dungeons, battle hordes of monsters, fight against powerful bosses and solve exploration-based riddles as you level up and strengthen your magic. Meet a variety of different characters, who may sell you powerful items and reveal secrets that will aid you on your quest.

– Upgrade Mirenia with a level and magic system
– Over a dozen different locations
– Beautiful pixel-art
– Story-driven exploration
– Tough-as-nails difficulty
– Atmospheric Music
– Challenging and complex boss battles

For more, check out the Steam store, and Ezekiel Rage‘s official website, Facebook and Twitter

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