The Skylia Prophecy release announced

The Skylia Prophecy release announced

Today, 7 Raven Studios has announced the release of the console versions of their retro metroidvania, The Skylia Prophecy. This game will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 23. Pre-ordering this game will be available as of April 16 on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

The Skylia Prophecy is a story-driven side-scroller RPG set in a medieval fantasy world. In this game, you’ll lead Mirenia on a quest to vanquish the evil she unleashed upon the world. You’ll battle against hordes of mosters, powerful bosses and solve exploration-based riddles. As you progress, you can upgrade Mirenia’s skills through a level and magic system. Furthermore, The Skylia Prophecy features three different difficulty levels, multiple languages and vibration support.

Check out the official console release trailer below this post.

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