The Solus Project is going on Early Access

The Solus Project is going on Early Access

GRIP Digital and Teotl Studios are getting everything ready for the survival game ‘The Solus Project’. You will be able to play the game at the beginning of 2016 on PC, Xbox One and GOG.

“We are really excited that The Solus Project has been accepted as a Game Preview title on Xbox One and that it will be able to launch alongside the Steam Early Access release. ” said Jan Cabuk, CEO of GRIP Digital. “Following its release via Early Access and Game Preview on Xbox One, The Solus Project will evolve right in front of players’ eyes. We will be taking an episodic approach during our Early Access/Preview time by adding level per level of the large alien world. During our relatively short and focused test phase players will on a regular basis see new features and quests, and we will incorporate their feedback to create a truly unique survival and narrative experience.”

The game revolves of you being stranded on a deserted alien safehaven with your own planet on the edge of destruction. You will need to survive in the quite volatile environment and find a way to contact Earth. Are you alone though?


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