The Son of Bigfoot (DVD) – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Animation, comedy, family
Director: Jérémie Degruson, Ben Stassen
Distributor: Belga Home Video
Duration: 92 minutes

The Son of Bigfoot (DVD) – Movie Review

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There are some phenomena that aren’t really explainable and one of them is Bigfoot. There isn’t that much known about this creature and a lot of people never have actually seen it, so it’s a mystery. What if this monstrosity might be something more humane? The Son of Bigfoot will shed light on this side of the story. If you don’t like to see a lot of overly hairy things, it might be best to get a pillow nearby.

The Son of Bigfoot

Highschool can be rather difficult and Adam (Pappy Faulkner) experiences this first-hand. He has to stay in detention and gets terrorised by three annoying bullies, so life isn’t that great. At least he can go home to his loving mother Shelly (Marieve Herington), although she has a hard time as a single parent. Adam’s father (Christopher L. Parson) died a long time ago so she tries her best to raise their son as a fine young man. One day, Adam had an unfortunate encounter with some gum and has to remove this from his hair, so he gets a new haircut. The day after, a strange thing occurred as Adam’s hair magically had grown back after a night. Due to certain circumstances, he realises he has been living a lie as his dad is actually somewhere on this planet and he sets out to find the truth with just one address as a guideline.

Upon arriving in this desolated area, it’s clear that something is amiss. After wandering around, they are fated to meet. His dad was hunted by a certain hair company to get hold of his special DNA. With this unique type of genes, there are some perks. For example, Bigfoot can talk to animals!  There is quite a bit to discover in this movie, but let’s say there is a ‘big’ friend Wilbur (Michael Sorich). Although all seems ok, even after all this time the threat still lingers and this is where the story kicks in.

The Son of Bigfoot

As it is an animation movie, it’s more of a ‘just watch and let everything go’ kind of feeling. This means that it doesn’t really have a definite flow, just all the events seem to follow on one another. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing as you have a rather relaxed feeling. Every aspect of the story gets enough attention to fully immerse you and actually give you the chance to bond with the characters. This movie was created by a Belgian/French office and isn’t that popular yet, but they did a great job on this one. The animation itself is really nice and takes you to a more comical-style world. Some of the characters are more cutely pictured, while others have the characteristics of real villains. All of the several aspects like the background and the characters in the foreground really match and you’ll be thrown into a colorful world that will make you happy in an instant.

Next to the quality of the movie itself, one of the most important aspects is the voice acting. Every single character has a fitting voice and the different emotions convey rather well with the several expressions. You can actually see and hear Adam evolve during the movie, as he learns some important lessons while getting to know his father. Some of the animal voices might not be that convincing but this is just a small aspect. As this is a Belgian/French product, there are also a Flemish, Dutch and French version of this movie available.

The Son of Bigfoot

It would have been nice of some extras were added, but this isn’t the case. The only thing you can watch is the trailer of The Son of Bigfoot, so there is almost no use in having this on the disk. It’s a bit of a missed opportunity but the story on its own is enough to stop your appetite.


If you’re looking for a nice family movie that touches a lot of different aspects of life, be sure to check this movie. The animation is nicely done while the voices itself really fit the characters. Story-wise, touching the mystery of Bigfoot and giving it this twist can be rather dangerous but in the end it’s a nice adaptation. If you’re ready for a fun and fast adventure, jump into this colorful scenery.

The Son of Bigfoot

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