The Spectrum Retreat comes to Nintendo Switch on September 13th 2018

The Spectrum Retreat comes to Nintendo Switch on September 13th 2018

BAFTA Young Game Designer winner, Dan Smith, and publisher, Ripstone Games, are proud to bring its acclaimed sci-fi puzzler The Spectrum Retreat to the Nintendo Switch eShop on September 13th 2018. It will cost £9.99 / €12.99 / $12.99. The Spectrum Retreat will be available in Europe and North America, with a release in Germany and Russia to follow later in 2018.

The Spectrum Retreat is the brainchild of Dan Smith, who won the BAFTA Young Game Designer Award in 2016 for his first-person puzzler prototype when he was only 18 years old. Since then he has partnered with Ripstone’s internal development team to evolve the prototype into a trippy, art deco-inspired sci-fi adventure.

The Spectrum Retreat puts players in the role of a guest at the peculiar, pristine hotel, The Penrose, where nothing is as it seems. You’ve been here as long as you can remember, with no idea why, and it’s up to you to solve the mystery of this resort. To do this, you’ll have to solve a series of increasingly complex colour-coded puzzles in an effort to uncover the true purpose of The Penrose

‘’Developing The Spectrum Retreat took up nearly a quarter of my life.’’ Said Developer and Designer Dan Smith. ‘’Launching it earlier this year was a massive moment for me and I’m delighted that Nintendo switch owners will finally get a chance to experience it.’’

‘’The Spectrum Retreat was a real labor of love for both Dan and everyone at Ripstone who believed in his vision’’ said Matt Southern, Head of Development at Ripstone Games. ‘’What began as a clever puzzle game expanded into a rich, contemplative narrative about the role of technology in an ever complex society and we’re thrilled to bring it to Nintendo Switch’’

Visit The Spectrum Retreat webpage on the Ripstone website.

For more information about the BAFTA Young Game Designers please check out this website.

You can watch the launch trailer below.

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